cookie flavors

 Salted Caramel Prima Donna (chocolate chip with a gooey salted caramel center)


SnickerDudeYeah (white chocolate chip snickerdoodle with a gooey white chocolate hot fudge center)


 Funfettipalooza (funfetti with a birthday cake white chocolate hot fudge center)


Peanut Butter Better (soft ‘n chewy peanut butter chocolate chip with a gooey hot fudge center rolled in a sugar coating of deliciousness)


The Double Doozie (double chocolate chocolate chip with a gooey hot fudge center)


Dainty Sugar-Sugar (super soft almond sugar cookie, stuffed with gooey almond white chocolate hot fudge and rolled in sugar)


Albus Dumbles'more (Hershey’s bar and  graham cracker cookie with a scrumptious marshmallowy/s’moresy center)
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy (powdered sugar sprinkled lemon white chocolate chip cookie with a white chocolate lemon hot fudge center)
Butterweasley (butterbeer inspired cookie... white and butterscotch chip cookie with a gooey marshmallowy center)
Raspberry Truffle Shuffle (double chocolate chip with a raspberry chocolate hot fudge center)